Session VII

12.12.02 (Handout)


This session is concerned with the internal make-up of clauses in English and German academic writing. We will begin with a presentation of five basic principles for constructing clauses. We will then proceed to discuss a number of special grammatical constructions, homing in on how these constructions can be used to achieve a particular distribution of information in the clause in a specific context (cf. Hannay/Mackenzie 1996).




Read article 10 in your reader. Then reformulate the following sentences and parts of sentences (typical of ‘German English’) such that the italicized part becomes the grammatical subject.


1.    Nature becomes very polluted, through which animals and plants become extinct.

2.    One gets more closely involved in the life and customs of other people by the medium television.

3.    Through these measures unemployment increased rapidly in the seventies.

4.    With this distinction we intend to show ...

5.    Thus by immurement people are robbed of their main source of joy.

6.    By the same writer the English are accused of inverted patriotic snobbery.