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Select Bibliography on Writing and Marking


1. Recommended Websites (cf. also the other sections of this bibliography)

www.wpvins.de/forum/index.html (a discussion forum dealing with assessment-related issues)

www1.oup.co.uk/elt/magazine/issue_12/article/article.html (teaching writing to young learners)

Interserver.miyazaki-med.ac.jp/~Kimball/w/2.html (assistance with short argumentative essays)

Vlc.polyu.edu.hk/academicwriter (Virtual Language Centre, Hongkong)

www.graphic.org/goindex.html (graphic organizers which may be duplicated for educational, non-profit, single-school use)


2. Recommended Concordancers and Text Archives


Scott, Mike, WordSmith Tools. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (an easy-to-use Windows program which produces concordances and word lists, available from www1.oup.co.uk; for additional information, go to www.liv.ac.uk/~ms2928/homepage.html)

Multiconcord. (a multilingual concordancer available from CFL Software Development, 12 St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham B3 1RB, England/UK, E-mail: 100343.2362@compuserve.com)

The Guardian and the Observer on CD-ROM. (available from Chadwyck-Healey Ltd, The Quorum, Barnwell Road, Cambridge, CB5 8SW, England/UK, www.chadwyck.co.uk)

The Times on CD-ROM (available from News Multimedia, PO Box 481, Virginia Street, London, E1 9BD, England/UK)

Texts can also be downloaded from a large number of electronic journals (cf. for example www.oecd.org/publications ); lists of e-journals can be found in university libraries.


3. Recommended Teaching Materials


Arnaudet, Martin L. & Barrett, Mary Ellen (1990) Paragraph Development. A Guide for Students of English. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall.

Brookes, Arthur and Peter Grundy (1990), Writing for Study Purposes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Byrd, Patricia (ed.) (1998), Looking Ahead. Pacific Grove: Heinle&Heinle. (4 vls. and 2 videocassettes available from www.amazon.com or the publisher, priced $21.95 each; cf. my review of the series mentioned in the 'works cited' section)

Hedge, Tricia (1988), Writing, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Siepmann, Dirk and John D. Gallagher (in preparation), Writing in English: A Guide for Advanced Learners.


4. Recommended Dictionaries and Vocabulary Books


Gusdorf, Florent (1991), Words: Médiascopie du vocabulaire anglais. Paris: Ellipses.

Hill, Jimmie and Michael Lewis (1998), The LTP Dictionary of Selected Collocations. LTP. (available from www.amazon.co.uk) (£8.95, also available from Klett: 'Handbuch der wichtigsten englischen Kollokationen')

Reum, Albrecht (1931), A Dictionary of English Style , Leipzig: Weber.

Rotter, W. and H. Bendl (1978), Your Companion to English Texts. München: Manz. (3 vls.)

Siepmann, Dirk (1997), The Advanced Learner's Trilingual Lexicon . Paris: Ellipses. (available from www.fnac.fr, www.amazon.fr, www.alapage.fr or www.editions-ellipses.com ) (FF227)

Sinclair, John (ed.) (1995), Collins Cobuild English Dictionary. London: Harper/Collins 1995.

Summers, Della (ed.) (1995), Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. London: Longman. (also available from Langenscheidt)

Terrell, Peter et al. (1997), Pons Globalwörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch, Deutsch-Englisch. Stuttgart/München/Düsseldorf/Leipzig: Klett.

Werlich, Egon (1969), Wörterbuch der Textinterpretation. The Field System Dictionary for Text Analysis. Dortmund: Lensing.


5. Recommended Grammars

Biber, Douglas (1999), The Longman Grammar of Written and Spoken English. London: Longman.

Quirk, Randolph et al. (1972), A Grammar of Contemporary English. London: Longman.

Quirk, Randolph et al. (1985), A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. London: Longman.

Thomson, A.J. and A.V. Martinet (1986), A Practical English Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Sinclair, John (ed.) (1990), Collins Cobuild English Grammar. London: HarperCollins 1990.

Sinclair, John (ed.) (1996) Collins Cobuild Grammar Patterns 1: Verbs. London: HarperCollins.

Swan, Michael (1995), Practical English Usage. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


6. Works Cited in the Handout


Aßbeck, Johann (1993), 'Lernen, wie man fremdsprachig schreiben lernt. Der mühsame Weg zur Selbständigkeit', Praxis des neusprachlichen Unterrichts 3: 229-237.

Byleen, Elizabeth (1998), Looking Ahead 3: Developing Skills for Academic Writing. Pacific Grove: Heinle&Heinle. (part of the Looking Ahead series available from amazon.com or the publisher; cf. my review of the series mentioned below)

Der Kultusminister des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (1985), Materialien zur Leistungsbewertung in den Fächern der gymnasialen Oberstufe (Bewertung von Klausuren) - Englisch. Köln: Greven.

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Summers, Della (ed.) (1995), Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. London: Longman. (also available from Langenscheidt: www.langenscheidt.de )

Wolff, Dieter (1992), 'Zur Förderung der zweitsprachlichen Schreibfähigkeit', in: Börner, Wolfgang and Klaus Vogel, Schreiben in der Fremdsprache: Prozeß und Text, Lehren und Lernen, Bochum: AKS, 110-134.

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