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Would you have marked it wrong?

It is better to err on the side of caution ...


Which of the following sentences do you consider unacceptable in written English? Using your dictionaries, correct any mistakes as necessary. (For a model solution, write to me at dsiepmann@t-online.de)


    1. He could see her often.

    2. He is a big fan of this baseball star.

    3. If someone tried to stop these gangsters, he would be killed.

    4. It could be that he has not thought about this enough.

    5. He is wanting to get back to his studies.

    6. The author gives examples of abbreviations. Some forms can be pronounced as initialisms and acronyms (‘UFO’ or ‘you-foe’). Others mix these types in the one word (CD-ROM).

    7. This stands in sharp contrast to Nicholson-Lord’s opinion.

    8. They paid him little attention.

    9. We have never had it so good.

    10. His career seemed ended.

    11. Latin has given place to English now.

    12. A reader with small knowledge of the language could not understand such a text.

    13. Her reason was quite other.

    14. They have tried this quite often in the past, but they have never been successful.

    15. He is a successful person in all ways.


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