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Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman: Wordfields 1


a value

ein Wert

moral values

moralische Werte

he has no sense of values

er hat keine sittlichen Maßstäbe

to have a sense of right and wrong

ein Wertebewußtsein haben

to be guilty of a moral fault

eines moralischen Fehlers schuldig sein

to imbue s.o. with values

j-mdem Werte ans Herz legen

to inculcate values in s.o.

j-m Werte einimpfen

to impress s.th. upon s.o.

j-mdem etwas einschärfen

to set great store by s.th.

großen Wert auf etw. legen

good and evil

gut und böse

success and popularity

Erfolg und Beliebtheit

to be popular with s.o.

bei j-mdem beliebt sein


making one’s way in life

seinen Weg in der Welt machen

to make s.th. of oneself

etw. aus sich machen

to make (some) money

(etwas) Geld verdienen

to achieve success

Erfolg erlangen

to find oneself / to sort oneself out

sich finden

to work one’s way up

sich hocharbeiten

to get ahead (of s.o. else)


to devote one’s life to (doing s.th.)

sein Leben einer Sache widmen

to fend for oneself / to support oneself

für sich selbst sorgen




to express self-doubt about one’s abilities

Selbstzweifel über seine Fähigkeiten äußern



to despair of politicians

an Politikern verzweifeln

involuntary reminiscences

unfreiwillige Erinnerungen

to live in a world of one’s own

in einer eigenen Welt leben

unfulfilled dreams / ambitions / hopes

unerfüllte Träume / Ambitionen / Hoffnungen

a lack of self-awareness

ein Mangel an Selbsterkenntnis (bzw. Selbstbewußtsein im Sinne von Selbsterkenntnis)

        LK Englisch         Second Examination  


1. Textvorlage:  fiktional


2. Fundstelle:   Death of a Salesman, p. 54, l. 3 - p. 58, l.14, Klett


3. Wortzahl:   ca. 700


4. Titel:   ‘Asking the Boss A Favour’ (or ‘The Howard Scene’)

 Verfasser:   Arthur Miller


5. Anmerkungen:  s. Text


6. Arbeitsanweisungen:


1. Situate the scene in the overall structure of the play and write a short summary of it. (25%)


2. Make a careful analysis of the conversation between Willy and Howard, including the way they behave. (The following questions provide some clues to things you might want to look at (but you may also include other points of interest!):

- How does Howard react when Willy enters the office? What does that tell us about Willy?

- Why does Willy appear to warm to the idea of recording programmes?

- When Willy says that he does not want to travel any longer, how does Howard respond?

- Why does Willy start to talk about his decision not to go to Alaska and about Dave Singleman? Is he convincing?) (30%)


3. Briefly describe the personality ethic embodied by Willy Loman. You may quote from the entire play to provide evidence. (15%)


4. Arthur Miller seems to suggest that our society, and especially the business world, share the personality ethic. According to him, the play aims to destroy the ‘bullshit’ of capitalism, ‘that pseudo life that thought to touch the clouds by standing on top of a refrigerator’. How do you feel about capitalism and the effects it has on people’s personality? (i.e. do you agree or disagree with Miller and why?, etc.) (30%)


7. Hilfsmittel: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


8. Zusätzliche Anmerkungen:

  • Leave yourself enough time to count your words and to check for mistakes, style, etc.
  • Cut down on language slips by writing carefully.
  • Write your name at the top of every sheet of paper and hand in all the sheets.
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